Russia's elite class to be vaccinated with corona vaccine from April, shocking claim

Moscow: Russia's business and political elite have been given access to an experimental vaccine for the corona virus.

According to US business magazine Bloomberg, United, a major aluminum company, has been administering a dose of the corona vaccine to Russian billionaire businessmen and government officials, including Russell's executives, since April at the Gamalia Institute in Moscow. Preparing.

People familiar with the vaccine's development have said on condition of anonymity that the Gamalia vaccine is being developed with the direct investment of the Russian government. Phase 1 of the vaccine involved 40 people, including military officials. The results of the phase have not been made public, but a second phase of vaccine testing has begun, involving a larger group.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russia's Kremlin, who was hospitalized with corona in May and is recovering, said he did not know of anyone who had been vaccinated with the Gamalia vaccine.

Asked if the vaccine had been given to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov said it would not be wise to give the head of state a vaccine that Not yet confirmed.